UFO Challenge 2020

Due to popular demand, we are starting a new UFO Challenge!!!

1. Download the UFO Form by CLICKING HERE. Forms can be downloaded and printed from the website and will also be available at the sign-in table at the Feb. meetings. Fill out both halves of the form, listing 5 UFOs. Please include your individual goal for each project. Note: This does NOT necessarily mean completed, quilted, and bound, only whatever YOU want to achieve for each individual UFO.

2. When making your lists, focus on simple, do-able, complete-able UFO’s, such as: Adding labels and sleeves, finishing up bindings, gifts that were begun and you ran out of time, simple kits that were pushed to the side, even doll quilt kits that you brought home from a meeting. This is probably not the time to take on your 9 year old One Block Wonder!

3. Give the lower half of the form to Sandie Cockerill, (our faithful UFO secretary) along with $5.

4. A number will be drawn at the March, June and October 2020 meetings. You will work on that # on your list, with essentially 3 months to finish each one.

5. Send photo proof of your completed project via EMAIL to Sandie, mike-sandie@att.net by the Sunday BEFORE the June, October and January meetings respectively. When you complete your UFO, and Sandie receives your photo proof by the deadline, your name will be entered into a jar, and you will be eligible for a cash prize for that number. Mark Your Calendars. NO exceptions. This process will be repeated for each number drawn.

6. Finish all 3 on time, with proof to Sandie, and you will be eligible for prizes 3 times. One Prize Per Person. We will have an Over-Achiever Award drawing for those who finish all 5 on their lists.

7. The January 2021 Program will again feature a Show and Share of your finished UFOs, and prizes will be awarded. (Prize amounts will depend on number of entries.)

8. Dig into your closets, shelves and totes. Rescue those UFOs!!!


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