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President’s April Message

Quilts of Valor was born out of the 911 tragedy. Catherine Robert’s son, Nate was deployed to Afghanistan. When he came home, she could see the demons of war had a strong hold. As he sat there Catherine wrapped a quilt around Nate and she could see the demons of war lose their power. The quilt brought healing to her son, so she thought quilts could help others also. It started out that the quilts were all delivered to the […]

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Quilts of Valor

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Well for those that complained (I was one) about the winter, here we are half way thru June. Flag day just passed, one of my favorite days of the year. I love to see the cities covered in flags. So where is the time going? Quilts of Valor work day is July 3rd 9-2. We are frantically working to get the quilts done for November 3rd at the Botanical Center, a mere short 4 1/2 months away. For those who […]

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