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January 2020 President’s Message

The Community Education Committee is working in 2 specific areas. This month I am going to talk about the Exhibits area. We are looking for places to promote the quilting arts to the community. The Eldridge, Le Claire, Cordova and Davenport libraries have been very open to displays both on their walls and in display cases. We also had a great exhibit in the Clinton River Arts Center, Botanical Center and Figge Art Museum this past year. Our new CE […]

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December President’s Message

So many things can be looked at as a challenge. For some of us it is just getting out of the house and going to a meeting, meal with friends, talking to someone we don’t know well, just life, and sometimes it is all of the above. We are going to challenge each member to come to the potluck and have fun with others. That doesn’t sound too hard. We will be having a mixer so each of us, old […]

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November President’s Message

There is one more sit and sew available for our members, especially for the members in the northwest area of the Quad Cities. Of course, it is open to all members. Iowa members may find this one a good one if you don’t like crossing the bridges. The Fairmount Library Sit and Sew is a small group that usually meets the 3rd Friday of the month from 9-3. Always check the newsletter to see if there is a change of […]

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October President’s Message

Everyone has been touched in some way by cancer. To give back, Quillow QTees’ mission is to make quillows for adult cancer patients staying at American Cancer Society Hope Lodge in Iowa City. The patients stay there while receiving their cancer treatments at the University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics and the quillows are taken home for their use when they are released. QTees’ meet the second Wednesday of each month at Davenport Masonic Center from 9 a.m – 2 […]

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September President’s Message

Welcome to a new year of quilting. We have a full year ahead of us. So many things to participate in. Our national speakers will be Linda Hahn in October, Christa Watson in April, and David Taylor in June, with each offering classes for you to learn new techniques. Quilt Queens, PinPals, and Fairmount Library Sit and Sew are sit and sews that are available to go to and meet new people and get help with projects. And the Fiber […]

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