September President’s Message

Welcome to a new year of quilting.
We have a full year ahead of us. So many things to participate in. Our national speakers will be Linda Hahn in October, Christa Watson in April, and David Taylor in June, with each offering classes for you to learn new techniques.
Quilt Queens, PinPals, and Fairmount Library Sit and Sew are sit and sews that are available to go to and meet new people and get help with projects. And the Fiber Arts group where you can learn about all things fiber and using them in your projects.
The 3 day Get Away each month that you can leave your machine and everything set up, go each day or just a few hours,
The Fall and Spring Retreats that you can participate for the 5 days/4 nights or 1 or more days.
Demonstrations and exhibitions that will be done in many venues to promote the quilting arts.
Skill Builder Workshops given by our local members that you can learn how to piece and new techniques to use in your other projects. It’s amazing how a completed quilt can look so complicated, but the reality is that they are usually quite simple when broken down into little bits at a time. Most of our classes and Skill Builder workshops are beginner level.
Charity Quilts, Doll Quilts, Quillow Q-Tees, and Quilts of Valor are the charity groups that meet monthly. All good places to go meet people and learn to sew quilts.
The December and July potlucks.
All of these are good events to participate in to learn, get help and meet people. I always go around to see what everyone else is working on, ask them questions about their project, and sometimes touch their beautiful fabrics. I realized that is how I have met so many of you.
On top of all the above, the 2020 Great River Quilt Show will be in September next year. Many will be going to the sit and sews, retreats, and get aways to prepare for the show.
Welcome to a new year. Join us in as many events you are able. It is amazing how our perspective expands when we are able to meet others and learn new things.

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