Quilts of Valor

Well for those that complained (I was one) about the winter, here we are half way thru June. Flag day just passed, one of my favorite days of the year. I love to see the cities covered in flags. So where is the time going?

Quilts of Valor work day is July 3rd 9-2.
We are frantically working to get the quilts done for November 3rd at the Botanical Center, a mere short 4 1/2 months away.
For those who are making the quilts for their vets, if you need help getting them done, please let me know. Just a reminder also, for those who turned in these names, if they had a change of address please let me know. You are all awesome! This job cannot be done without all of you.

A side note, I met with a new group for QOV up in Fulton, and they need a start. So we will be making some blocks for them. This will get them jump started so I don’t have to cover that area. Hopefully on our meeting day we can start this for them.

On July 2nd Clayton, Denny, Janet, myself and Marian will be delivering the veterans who are the gravediggers on the Arsenal Island their QOV’s. They are excited and humbled to get this recognition since they are the unsung heroes doing that job. It is our pleasure! So I will not be at the meeting in July, I will be busy serving some vets! So contact me if you have business for me.

2018 sponsors: VN Vet Chap 669 SOAR Chap 11-4 Kerry Stoudt State Farm Ins. Amer Legion Post 569 Moline High 12 Club #88 Casey’s General Stores Walmart Alcoa Retirees Club Modern Woodman Retirees Expressions in Threads (Fabric) A Quilt Mine (batting) Health Alliance Medicare Jewel-Osco Modern Woodmen

Thank you to these sponsors. If you shop at any of these companies, thank them for their Sponsorship!

Also to all the individuals who donate their monies, fabric, and time! You are awesome. Terry Austin QC QOV 309-797-8584

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