Quilts of Valor

Well first of all I hope you have all stayed healthy. I most certainly have missed meeting with all of you. This lock down covid thing has been really hard. I am so very thankful you have been sewing up a storm during this. We have many tops with backs and batting ready to quilt. So if the urge strikes you to quilt let me know.

We will NOT be meeting in July. Illinois still has many restrictions. The church has not been ready for us to use yet. I just don’t see things changing in the next two weeks. So in saying that , we can start delivering         privately as of June 1st. QOV has lifted the ropes a little. However, many guidelines to keep our veterans safe as well as the volunteers. You all know I’m a hugger and this lock down has been really tough on me. Plus not able to hug the veteran when they receive their quilt is really hard. In saying that I have not approached the award ceremony either. Both states still have huge restrictions. So again if your vet that is on the list needs to get the quilt soon, let me know and we will either give it to you to deliver or I can now send a volunteer to get it delivered. I know it’s not the same as a ceremony but I want to be sure they get it if they are in need. Then when we can have the ceremony they could still attend if able. I know this probably sounds confusing, so sorry if it is. My head is spinning on all the scenarios and nothing fits all the rules yet. I have the CDC, QOV, Iowa and Illinois rules to  follow, and keeping them all straight is a job.

So pray this covid thing goes away, pray that our vets stay healthy, pray that all of you stay healthy as well. I am so ready to be with all of you but not until we can do that safely. On another note, as if all this lockdown wasn’t stressful enough , I had been locked out of my gmail account. REALLY! They don’t know why. They recommended I create a new email.  So I have 2 emails you can use, a NEW gmail account   tlaustin51@gmail.com  or my old account austinrt@mchsi.com. I am using the mchsi. email for all things with QOV.  I am so over email, I wish I could do without it.

So stay healthy, any questions feel free to call me, 309-797-8584. SO humbly grateful, Terry Austin QC QOV

This is a large block and only needs 12 blocks to make a quilt.

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