Quilts of Valor

Well here we are nearing the end of summer, how did that happen? My heart is full, you are all awesome. We need 93 quilts for the November 3rd award ceremony. I currently have 70 in my office. The balance of those are being made by some of you for your vet. So if you have any problem finishing them please let me know as soon as possible.

Here’s a reminder for those who turned in names to receive them. Please check that they know the ceremony is coming up and let me know if there are any changes in their address.  We have 23 names yet to fill that are not on the list for the ceremonies. So the job is never done.

You are all wonderful and I cannot do this without all of you. Diane DesCamps has also brought me a box full of pillow cases. She has been wonderful keeping us filled with them. She asked if I needed more and was shocked that we go thru 250 per year. So thank you Diane!!

We gave to 10 of the 12 gravediggers at the arsenal with 2 more to go. They were surprised that we would honor them. These are the unsung heroes who just do their jobs. So a huge thank you to them for taking care of our veterans when they pass.

So the November 3rd Award Ceremony is at the Botanical Center in Rock Island. Times are 12:30 and 2:30. If you have never witnessed what we do and want to be blessed, come witness this.  So from a grateful and humble heart, Terry Austin QC QOC 309-797-8584

Thank you to these sponsors. If you shop at any of these companies, thank them for their Sponsorship!

Also to all the individuals who donate their monies, fabric, and time! You are awesome. Terry Austin QC QOV 309-797-8584

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