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As a special feature of the 2020 Great River Quilt Show, the MVQG will offer an opportunity for the public to have their quilts appraised by Chris Moline, an AQS Certified Quilt Appraiser. An appraisal is a “hands on” examination of the quilt. Quilts to appraise can range from a family heirloom, an acquired vintage quilt, or just a special quilt. The public is invited and encouraged to have their quilts appraised.
Why have a quilt appraised? Some of the reasons include:
• To determine insurance value, fair market value or donation value.
• To determine value to settle estates or the division of property in a divorce.
• To determine replacement value (insurance) when a show requires an appraisal.
• To accompany a gift.
• Curiosity.

Chris Moline is an AQS certified appraiser of quilted textiles and an experienced quilt restorer. Chris has been an avid quilter for more years than she willingly admits and has produced award winning quilts. Additionally her knowledge of quilting and fabric history is quite extensive
Quilt appraisals are by appointment only. Appointments begin at noon on Thursday, September 17th and continue until 4:00 on Saturday September 19th. Each appraisal lasts 30 minutes. Cost of each appraisal is $55. Quilts that are entered in the show to be judged will be appraised on Friday or Saturday.

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