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Bed Turning Program Schedule

Friday, September 21, 2018 11:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

Saturday, September 22, 2018 11:00 a.m.

What is a Bed Turning?

What is a Bed Turning?  A bed turning is a mini quilt history program.  Vintage and newer quilts are layered on a bed.  The story of the top quilt is told and when the speaker is done, the quilt is folded back to reveal the next quilt and so on until all of the stories have been told.  Quilt Historian Catherine Noll Litwinow will be comparing the quilts, old and new.


All day both days
Hands On Charity Sew In
Treadle Machine Demo and YOU Can Try It Too!

Ever wanted to know what it was like to sew on a treadle machine?
You can experience that at the quilt show.

You can sit down and sew some blocks for a charity quilt. We will have several regular machines as well as the treadle, that you can sew on. No experience necessary. We are there to guide you along the way. See the quick easy way to cut out quilts that does NOT involve scissors. We will guild you along the way, answer your question and give you some great tips. 

Demonstration Schedule – 2018 Great River Quilt Show

Friday, September 21st

  • 9 am                       Needle Felting                           Jo Noon
                                  Beading on Fabric                      Sally Stewart
  • 10 am                     Kids Fiber Arts Hands On            Jan Carpenter
                                  Machine Raw Edge Applique       Heidi Vahrenwald
  • 11 am                     Paper Piecing                             Mary Pement
                                  Curvy Fabric Weaving                 Mary Correct
                                  Cupcake Papers                          Ruth Sutherland
  • 12 pm                     Quilt As You Go                          Bev Salmonson
                                  Disappearing 9 Patch                  Ruth Sutherland
    Rotary Cutting for Lefties           Dorine Donaubauer
  • 1 pm                       Thread Painting                         Terre Klipsch
                                  Needle Felting                           Jo Noon
  • 2 pm                       Hexies/English Paper Piecing      Maggie Kraeling
                                  Using Crayons on Fabric              Sylvia Banes
    Big Stitches                                Margaret Paulos
  • 3 pm                       Fabric Postcards                        Judy Nelson
                                  Wool Applique                            Marlis Beechamp
  • 4 pm                       Binding with Sewing Machine      Diana Engelbrecht
  • 5 pm                       Embroidery For Embellishment   Diana Engelbrecht

Saturday, September 22nd

  • 9 am                Needle Felting                             Jo Noon
                           Fuseable Applique                        Sue Kirk
  • 10 am              Inktense Pencils on Fabric             Linda Klyman
                           Hand Applique                              Cindy Hoste
  • 11 am              Bowtie 3 inch Square                    Ruth Sutherland
                           Simple Quilting Tips                      Diana Engelbrecht
  • 12 pm              Disappearing 9 Patch                    Ruth Sutherland
                           English Paper Piecing Hexies         Angie Tague
                           Needle Felting                              Jo Noon
  • 1 pm                Shiva Stick on Fabric                     Terre Klipsch
                           Big Stitch                                      Margaret Paulos
  • 2 pm                Flying Geese                                 Angie King
                           Kids Fiber Arts Hands On               Jan Carpenter
  • 3 pm                Binding with Sewing Machine         Diana Engelbrecht

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