President’s Quilt

Elaine Giesecke P O Box , Rapids City, IL 61278

More blocks are needed for the President’s Quilt. Due to the cancellation of our meetings, members have not been able to turn in blocks. Blocks can be mailed to me at the address above. Place your block inside a greeting card – possibly one of those unsolicited free cards you have. And send it first class with just a stamp. Full directions are below.

Please, Please DO NOT trim the flippy corners from the block, as they can be used in the quilt. Questions, call Elaine.

The directions for the block is as follows: 1. Cut the background cream/ivory square 4 ½ inches. 2. Cut the 2 corner squares 3 ½ inches in your choice of fabric from your stash. The fabric should represent who you are. No holiday fabric please (example Easter eggs, pumpkins, scaredy cats, Christmas trees). 3. Mark a line through the middle of the corner squares diagonally from one corner to the other. 4. Line up on corner square in the corner of the background and sew along your marked line. 5. Press the triangle back. Please DO NOT trim. Repeat 4 & 5 in the opposite corner.

Sign your block. We will have pens at the check-in desk at the guild meetings that you can use to sign if you don’t have one. It is helpful to press a piece of freezer paper on back to stabilize it while you are signing

Photos in the February newsletter.

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