President’s November Message

by Diana Engelbrecht
Over the next year I am going to introduce you to each of our guild groups that meet. There are a lot of new members and it is my hope to help demystify some of the announcements.
Get Away is open to all members. We meet at the Deere Wiman Carriage House for one Friday, 8 am-9 pm, Saturday 8 am-9 pm and Sunday noon-5 pm each month. Usually it is the first full weekend of the month, but can vary, so checking the calendar each month is a good thing.
Reasons to go to Get Away:
1. You can go for an hour, the whole time or whatever amount of time you have.
2. You can leave everything set up and come back the next day.
3. The camaraderie, laughter, and talk
4. Great place to meet new people.
5. Great place to work out quilting problems with lots of help when needed.
6. Space to lay out a quilt top.
7. Place to try out a new recipe on people who love to eat.
8. Everyone pitches in when someone forgets a tool.
9. We have such interesting conversations.
If you don’t know anyone it’s okay. You are welcome here. If you have run into a problem and
can’t find the solution, someone there has probably had that same problem and can help work
through it.
Some people come one day. Some come all three. It is a wonderful time. Getting something done AND hanging out with friends at the same time.
Join us November 2-4.

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