President’s July Message

The July Summer Celebration Potluck is a great time to get to know others in the guild.
The largest group that meets are our monthly General Meetings. They are held in the First Congregational Church, 7th Ave., Moline at 1 and 7pm. We have a sign in to keep attendance numbers. The afternoon meetings average around 110 and the evening numbers around 45. We have a membership of 296 as of our June meeting.
General Meetings are the place to come to gather information that may or may not be in the newsletter, sign up for events, check out books from the library, turn in charity or doll quilts, and win prizes in the door prize or doohickey drawings. It is also the place to come to learn things from the speakers, both national and local, that the program committee has worked hard to bring in for our benefit. My favorite part is the Show and Tell at the end of the meeting. Everyone of all skill levels, is welcome to show and tell. I love seeing the progression through the years of the beginning quilter improving with each project.
The July and December meetings are the best General Meetings I would suggest trying to get to know people. They are both potlucks and lend to people getting to know those at their table and the tables around them. They are the only meetings that offer more than the 10 minute break and any extra time you have before the meeting starts to be able to talk to others. 10-20 minutes is not enough time to get to know people.
There is a lot of “busy work” that takes place at the General Meeting. It is really hard to get to know anyone at these meetings. When I joined it took me a couple of months to realize this. I went to each of the sit and sew groups to find one that was a fit. Well, I found more than one. Usually there are some people the same, but mostly different people attending in each one. I have been trying to write about all the groups this year. If there is one that hasn’t been written about yet, and you have questions, just ask me.
I am looking forward to getting to know new people at the potluck.

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