President’s February Message

The MVQG Spring Retreat is coming fast.
I started going 6-7 years ago and have only missed one since then. It is a time to get away from all the things in life that we have pulling us away from sewing every day …….cleaning, cooking every meal, responsibili-ties to others, meetings, yard work…you get it.

It was a little scary my first time because I didn’t really know anyone except 1 person. What was I getting myself into? I took plenty of projects to work on. I had my bedding. I had the meal I was supposed to bring hoping it would turn out okay and they would eat it.
I walked in with the other lady I knew, and we found a place to set up our machines. We made our beds, put the food away, got things set up and started sewing.

Everyone was figuring out what they were going to work on first and getting into the rhythm of their pro-jects. Then gradually each took a break and walked around to see what everyone else was working on.

As the days went, we all got to know each other, help each other, talk about the hard things in life as well as the great things in life, really appreciate what each other’s talents and areas of interest were and of course eat together along with laughter that carries through the room.
A lot got done. It might have been an intricate quilt pattern that could take 6 years of retreats to finish, a quilt for charity, a quilt for someone special, a table runner, purse, bag, making their own beads or wire embellishments, or an art quilt. We could go to bed late-or early, get up early-or late, take a nap, read a book, knit, eat a snack, take a walk on the beautiful grounds, work on a knitting or beading project, or sit in the social area and chat with someone. Mainly we just relaxed and enjoyed the opportunity to sew to our heart’s content with our new friends.

Come join us March 6-10 for whatever time life al-lows. You can just come during the day or stay for the night….1, 2, 3, or 4. Looking forward to meeting you.
To pre-register, complete the registration form in the newsletter and mail it along with your nonrefundable deposit to Sue Kirk for either building. If you have any questions, please contact Sue or Mary. Registration form is on Page 10 of our February newsletter.

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