President’s April Message

Quilts of Valor was born out of the 911 tragedy. Catherine Robert’s son, Nate was deployed to Afghanistan. When he came home, she could see the demons of war had a strong hold. As he sat there Catherine wrapped a quilt around Nate and she could see the demons of war lose their power. The quilt brought healing to her son, so she thought quilts could help others also. It started out that the quilts were all delivered to the hospitals. The local chapter sent theirs to the hospitals in Germany. Eventually they were given to all veterans who were affected by war. Then it changed to any honorably discharged veteran and now those still serving can receive one.

Terry Austin took the reins of the local chapter of Quilts of Valor in 2012. QOV is a separate group that MVQG helps support through volunteers and donations.

Terry must follow the National Quilts of Valor rules. Terry has 60 volunteers locally. If you would like to help, the preferred quilt size is 60×80 inches. You can piece a top at home and give it to Terry to have quilted, bound, and labeled. Or talk to Terry to see where she may need help, possibly someone to bind or sew on labels. Donations of fabric enough for quilt backs in reds, whites, and blues or money to be used toward fabric or batting is always welcome, too.

The local chapter presents approximately 150 quilts to veterans in the May and November ceremonies each year. They present approximately an additional 100 in private ceremonies to those unable to be at the May/November ceremonies. Nationally there have been over 213,000 quilts awarded. Since 2012, 1100 quilts have been awarded locally. The Quilts of Valor Spring Presentation will be May 5.

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