November President’s Message

There is one more sit and sew available for our members, especially for the members in the northwest area of the Quad Cities. Of course, it is open to all members. Iowa members may find this one a good one if you don’t like crossing the bridges. The Fairmount Library Sit and Sew is a small group that usually meets the 3rd Friday of the month from 9-3. Always check the newsletter to see if there is a change of date or no sewing that month.
This is a group that has room to grow. It would be a good place to go if you are helping someone with a project or helping a beginner with techniques that are new to them. There is room to lay a quilt out, baste your sandwich together, or just sew.
It is always good to get together with likeminded people to learn from each other. Check out what everyone is working on to get inspiration for something new or to do something you did a long time ago again with a different eye.
Talk about what inspires you to choose the colors, patterns, and techniques you are using. What your favorite quilt designs are. How you started quilting. Good conversation starters to get to know each other. Come join us November for some great sewing time.

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