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What is Block to Raffle? It is a way to have a chance at having enough blocks to make a quilt that you only have to sew a couple blocks. There are usually 4-5 done each year.

The Block to Raffle chair, Vicki Hamilton, chooses a block. It might be a typical pieced block, something seasonal, paper pieced, maybe a little applique. She then finds a background fabric or sometimes a specific fabric to include in the design. She kits up enough of that fabric for what you need for 1-2 blocks and the pattern for the block.

Vicki is at a table in the open area (the L) at the meetings with the kits. You buy a kit for $1 each. You may buy more than one. If it contains the background fabric, you add the rest of the fabrics from you stash. Sometimes there are suggestions of color, but most of the time it is open to your interpretation. Examples: 1. if it is a pumpkin block, you would get the background and add the oranges, brown for stem and green for leaf. 2. If it is a pinwheel, you would get the background and add any color of choice for the pinwheel.

A deadline is given for the blocks to be handed back in. When you hand them in, you put your name in the bucket for each kit you turn in. You have that many chances to win a group of blocks. Vicki takes them home and divides up the blocks into a sets of 9-12 blocks each with any odd extras in a group for a wall hanging or table runner.

At the next meeting, names are drawn and those people receive one set to take home and put together a quilt of their own. Our average number of sets given each time is around 5. The number of sets depends on the size of the blocks and the number of blocks turned in. If you have a suggestion of a block that can be used, please let Vicki know.

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