March President’s Message

It is always fun to walk into the Figge Art Museum and see quilts hanging in the lobby. Wow do they look great! The display will be March 10-15th. Come celebrate with us on Thursday, March 12, 5 pm-7 pm at the Appreciation Night with complementary refreshments. You can purchase an alcoholic beverage at the bar.

National Quilt Day is March 21st, (the 3rd Saturday of March each year). We usually have an exhibit at the Figge Art Museum each year for one week during the month of March. Some years we have the show winners from the quilt shows before. This year we are displaying a variety of quilts submitted to the committee to fill at least 30 or more spaces. The committee has met and are going to try to exhibit all of the 40+ pieces submitted. It’s all still in process. Everyone who submitted at least one will have a spot.

There is a need for people to be at the exhibit to answer questions, talk to the visitors about the quilts, and help keep hands off, etc. Mary Kaye Hymes has a sign up sheet on the table in the L for you to choose the time that is perfect for you. Or you can call her at (717) 344-4144.

Some years we do some type of sewing demonstration or sew in at the Bettendorf Library. Other years we have had displays in the libraries. Anyone wanting to help with National Quilt Day/Month in 2021, let us know, even it is just some good ideas.

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