July President’s Message

The Habitat For Humanity builds houses in Scott and Rock Island Counties. We help with these homes by donating 1-2 quilts per home. JoAnn Pilgrim is the chairperson for this noble cause. She has fabrics and kits for anyone who would like to make a quilt. You can also donate a quilt you have made and don’t have a place for it to go. After the tops are pieced, she needs longarmers to quilt them and people to bind them. They are double sized bed quilts. We present the quilts at the dedication ceremony for each house. The homeowner receives a quilt as well as any adult such as a grandparent moving in to help with children. A church helps provide quilts for the children’s rooms. There are usually 4-5 home dedications each year totaling 6-7 quilts donated.

Since September, there have been 3 quilts donated to 2 homeowners. Because of the corona virus, 2 dedications have been cancelled. Any help with making the quilts or even help with the dedications should JoAnn or her helper be unable to attend, would be greatly appreciated. Habitat for Humanity believe everyone deserves a safe and affordable home. Their “goal is to provide strength, security and self-reliance through shelter.”

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