Historical Interest Contest

“I hope to find lots of book reports in the Historical Interest folder in the President’s box.
I want to thank everyone for reading “Uncoverings.” They can be a BIG challenge. I have the 2019 volume. I’m just back from the American Quilt Study Group that met in Lincoln, NE. Oh the quilts I saw. It took every bit of strength to not buy the $2800 Pride of Iowa or Pot of flower quilt. Here’s a picture of the small Pride of Iowa quilt I made several years ago. The real quilt usually has four pots and an outrageous vine and flower border. Only three papers. A favorite is “Cactus.” The author has a PhD in Botany. (She either was an astronaut or went to the Antarctica) Anyway she looked at 4,000 quilts and found 145 that had the cactus in the prints. Happy reading.

Catherine Litwinow

  1. Read one Uncovering
  2. Read two Historical Interest books. You may reserve books with Sandie Cockerill.
  3. Write a two paragraph book report
  4. Turn it into me by May 2020!
  5. Prize(s) will be given. Chosen by a random drawing.
    I was asked if it would be ok to read a Quilt History book that is not in the MVQG. Yes, because I was Shirley Peterson’s teacher. In the book report let me know that it might be a book we add to the library.
    Happy Reading.
    Catherine Litwinow

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