Historical Interest Contest

School has started and I love walking down the aisles with all the supplies and delighted I don’t have to go back!! But ahhhhhhhhhh I love reading.
My cousin lived in Cedar Rapids. I remember one time I was visiting and she went to the BOOKMOBILE. Now that was something. Plus she got a prize (little glove pencil sharpener). Unbelievable, a prize for reading. So I think it is time to have another Historical Interest contest: Reading Historical Interest books.
Very easy.

  1. Read one Uncovering
  2. Read two Historical Interest books. You may reserve books with Sandie Cockerill.
  3. Write a two paragraph book report
  4. Turn it into me by May 2020!
  5. Prize(s) will be given. Chosen by a random drawing.
    I was asked if it would be ok to read a Quilt History book that is not in the MVQG. Yes, because I was Shirley Peterson’s teacher. In the book report let me know that it might be a book we add to the library.
    Happy Reading.
    Catherine Litwinow

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