February 2020 President’s Message

Besides arranging exhibits, the Community Education Committee also finds venues that we can demonstrate quilting techniques to the public. This is a fun way to connect to the community. We have had demonstrations at the Figge Art Museum, libraries, Freighthouse Farmers Market, The Great River Quilt Show, Mississippi Valley Fair, and others.
Doing demonstrations for the public, is a way to

  1. Let them know quilting is not a lost art.
  2. Teach someone a little technique that lets them know it isn’t as hard as they think. Such as the rotary cutter, strip piecing to make a 4 or 9 patch, chain piecing, and others.
  3. Increase an interest to try quilting or pick it up again after years of laying it down.
  4. Let people know we are here and have many opportunities to learn, share, and find friends with a like interest.
    There are many of you who have helped in doing demonstration in the past. We have had a lot of fun doing them. Basically we sat and sewed whatever we were demonstrating and talked to people as they went past. Those interested would stop, watch and ask questions. Some would decide it was something they could do. Some would reminisce about sitting with a parent or grandparent while they sewed, taught them to sew, or just for companionship while they watched them sew. Some would chat about the things they used to sew, clothes or quilts.

We listen, answer questions, and let them know we are with the Mississippi Valley Quilters Guild and invite them to come join us.

When the call goes out for people to do demonstrations, please help Angie King out and sign up to do a demonstration. When we do demos, we get to talk, laugh, and learn from each other, demonstrators and the public.

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