Doll Quilts

Thanks for meeting the need of the Head Start and qualifying day care centers, over 800 doll quilts were delivered in December. In February I will deliver nearly 30 ‘cot covers’ for one program who needs those for a few tots who stay later, for naps. They do not receive the doll quilts. Those are longer and narrower, to fit their rules, 22″ x 40, 22″ x 52″, just 2 layers, ‘pillowcase and turn’ stitch edges securely. And some cross stitching to hold them…these get washed frequently. I like to put flannel on one side, but one can use washable fabrics that might be too heavy for classic quilts. Just keep it in mind, nice to have in case a need arises.

Note….schedule of work days….are the usual, 3rd Tues, see list, but skip July, Deere Wiman has other scheduling for that month. Call me, for batting, ideas,… new ideas for designs always welcome. Margaret Paulos


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