Doll Quilts

Need doll kits to work on? Contact Margaret to arrange.

Another bonanza! Lots of fun kid prints for our project!

Usual meeting, 3rd Tues, Deere Wiman, 8:30 am -2 pm…I bring the supplies….iron, fabric, cutting boards and scissors….and the chocolate. I made about 100 kits during January, February, March, and a lot are out there being finished…but there will be more at the May meeting. I
will also have some that just need to be finished with quilting for those whose time is limited. Some ideas for designs are always welcome and as are the gorgeous ones that keep coming in that I get ideas from them. Still have a lot of fabric and I will be bringing something different
each workday, and maybe some select stuff to guild…..still have a stack of 5″ squares…pretty plain that need some fun companions!

Donations always welcome….what I can’t use always finds an appropriate home. I will probably bring the Featherweight, if someone wants to play with that. As you know….who knows what will be mandated by then, so if I am allowed, I will be there, but for people who don’t want to be in the work area, you can contact me for any materials you would like to work on and I will arrange for pickup or delivery. Everyone enjoy the confinement!!!!and keep on sewing.
Margaret Paulos (563)323-5745


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