Doll Quilts

Wow! Nearly 70 doll quilts came in at the August meetings, putting our count near 400….only about 500 more to go! I know there are kits out, since I have only a few ready to go.

We have acquired so much fabric I hope you can find time to come to the doll quilt workday, 3rd Tues., Deere-Wiman Carriage House.

For new members or attendees, you can pull into the driveway to unload and then, unless you have a handicapped sticker, park out on the street.

Size?  About 24″ square, maybe a bit smaller, or rectangular or …brave…circular!? Keep them fun, colorful, cuddly.  Many designs…I spy, colors, fun fabrics.

We have so much holiday fabric I’d like to have someone come and design an “all holiday” quilt…so bring what tools you need to work with ….And a sewing machine or 2 is always helpful. I bring the fabric, batting, iron and pad, scissors, cutting tools and boards. And the fruit and chocolate …so come help, or come raid the stash if you need a missing element.

Call me if questions, ideas, donations. Margaret Paulos 323-5745

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