Doll Quilts

Next meeting, 3rd Tuesday beginning in February , 9-2, Deere Wiman carriage house.

I will bring fun stuff to plan for the next season, and hope some new members would have time to come and check us out. If you prefer to sew, bring a machine. I bring cutting board, rulers, iron, fabric, batting and chocolate! All donations welcome. I pass on what I can’t use. There are a couple of boxes of smaller stuff needing to be cut for someone with ideas and who likes the small stuff!

The doll quilts, about 24″ square, or similar rectangle, but not much bigger…..some sort of filler ….light batting or flannel or a poly fabric you wouldn’t use on the outside! Go easy on the quilting so they don’t get too stiff.

Call me if questions, ideas, donations. Margaret Paulos 323-5745



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