December President’s Message

So many things can be looked at as a challenge. For some of us it is just getting out of the house and going to a meeting, meal with friends, talking to someone we don’t know well, just life, and sometimes it is all of the above.

We are going to challenge each member to come to the potluck and have fun with others. That doesn’t sound too hard. We will be having a mixer so each of us, old and new members, will be challenged with getting acquainted and spending some time with someone we don’t know.

On to other challenges we can choose to participate with: We have the yearly challenge due in September. The 2020 Double Double challenge. That information can be found on page 5. It sounds like fun. My mind is like a popcorn popper with ideas popping here and there. What will I do?
There is the Buns at the Beach challenge for the Great River Quilt Show. Are you seeing swimsuit clad bodies, food including hotdog and hamburger buns, or another “bun”. My biggest challenge on that one is drawing up the pops of ideas that are flying through my head to actually get it into fabrics. Info on page 6.

The Village isn’t really a challenge. It is just a special exhibit that we would like to display not only at the Great River Quilt Show, but also in other venues too. How many architectural pieces will we have along with the parks, etc. Details page 7.

Then there are the little challenges that some of the sit and sews and the Fiber Arts group have out there too. Choose one and go for it. Don’t be overwhelmed with looking at doing them all. Choose the one that you can see in your mind. Just like at the potluck. Don’t let the number of people overwhelm you. Choose one and talk to them. No one is as scary as we think they are.

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