There are many places that we can contribute masks to.  I am listing a few who we have received requests directly from asking us to help them.  Of course, if someone has contacted you personally to help them, please do so. Keeping a count might make for an interesting statistic.  Keeping track of your hours would be a great thing to add to our volunteer hours for our nonprofit status.  Need elastic, call Mary Pement or Sue Kirk. Numbers are in the Guild directory.

The Figge extended a request for help them in providing masks for the Humility of Mary Shelter, one of their community partners.  The 3 pleated mask is what they are looking for.  Figge staff are willing to pick up from you.  Contact Brian at  We would like to help them since Figge has been wonderful inviting us to have an exhibit each year and has invited us to teach classes there.

Shelli Eng has people helping provide masks for the Genesis and Unity Point Hospitals as well as their satellite clinics and hospitals.  When those have been covered (hopefully in a few weeks), they will start working on children’s sizes, homeless shelters, and crisis centers.  Drop off Donations and pick up kits which includes fabric and elastic: Mon, Wed, and Sat. from 10 AM – 1:00 PM at the Freight House in Davenport, 421 West River Drive, Davenport, Iowa. There is a tent in the West parking lot (west of the building).  Kits are in sets of 20-25 masks. 

Genesis masks are

N 95 Mask Cover Pattern

Basic Face Mask Pattern

Illinois guild members can drop off the completed masks to Sandy Cockerill. Iowa guild members can drop off the completed masks to Sally Stewart in the Riverdale, IA area or Faye Kunz or Sue Kirk in the Davenport area at their door. NO contact. Their addresses and phone numbers are in the guild directory.

Unity Point has a mask and specific instructions they want you to follow found at their website and details about drop off.

Unity Point Masks

Shelli Eng Mask Instructions

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