Charity Goes Global

By Donna & Garry Lanman Let me tell you a story. Our first granddaughter, Joy, moved jobs from a bank in Chicago to Samaritan’s Purse in Boone, NC. She works with the Children’s Heart Project. This project transports children needing heart surgery to participating hospitals that donate their services.

During orientation, Joy was shown a cabinet of “blankets.” In reality, they were quilts. Her eyes brightened, and her thoughts turned to her Grandma and Grandpa. Needless to say, our eyes lit up, too, when we heard. Each child is sent home with a quilt.

The three countries Samaritan’s Purse has offices in at the present are Mongolia Uganda and Bolivia. I challenged our Nancy Page Sit-n-Sew group one Thursday to make a quilt with us. On Saturday, one of the ladies called me asking if she could make more than one. Of course I said yes. Well, she already had five quilts completed. She soon came by with 10 fully completed quilts which ultimately grew to 20.

She had also donated a tub of juvenile fabric which Garry Lee and I were pulling from. The desired size was 40” x 40” and youth, 45” x 55”. Garry Lee made 3 quilts using some horse fabric for boys.

The challenge of transporting the quilts to Boone, NC was solved when Joy’s parents visited her on vacation late in July and had 28 quilts to deliver. When Joy brought them into the office, one co-worker immediately plucked a youth size horse quilt from the pile. She had a little six-year-old boy from Mongolia coming very soon. They had a picture of the little boy sitting on his horse.

We had taken a picture of Garry Lee holding up the youth size horse quilt. We sent the picture to the office via text so they had the picture.

When the little boy got to the hospital, he had fallen out of the bed and broke his arm which required surgery before he could have his heart surgery.

We received a picture of him huddled under his horse quilt and someone who knew the connection had placed Garry Lee’s picture and the little boy’s picture on his quilt at the foot of the bed. How gratifying it was to see the little boy being comforted by his quilt.

Those who participated in this sit-n-sew project are Garry and Donna Lanman (Grandpa & Grandma), Nancy Stribling, a former MVQG member and the over achiever, Judy Guenther, Judy Redmond and Mary Doerder.





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