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2020 Programs and Classes

January 7, 2020 UFO Challenge Finale Our January Program will showcase your finished UFOs.  We want to hear your stories. Why the procrastination? What’s your motivation?  How did it feel to see it through? You have until the end of the day, Sunday January 5, to send a photo of your finished #4 (and #3 and #5, for those who are playing catch-up), to Sandie Cockerill.  Prizes will be awarded. BONUS for you over-achievers.  Finish All 5 on your list […]

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UFO Challenge Update

UFO Challenge Update – January We drew the final UFO Challenge number at the November meeting. Drumroll…..#4!! Get busy and finish! Send a photo of your finished item #4 to Sandie Cockerill by end of day, Sunday January 5. We will also accept photos of finished #3 and #5, for you super busy procrastinators. Here’s your chance to catch up. You’re Welcome! Bring your completed UFO’s to the January meeting where we will Show and Share our UFO stories and […]