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  Well May award ceremony was awesome. I cannot thank all of you enough to help make it go so smoothly. We had more issues with addresses this time then we ever had. So if you turned in a name with me for November, woulld you check the addresses to be sure they didn’t move or that the addresses are correct. We reshipped about 20 invites this time. Just trying to save Clayton and me some work. The thank you’s […]

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Quilts of Valor Report for 2017

Well happy new year, we have tried to hit the ground running and January’s weather slowed that down. So we will meet February 7th at the First Baptist Church in Moline from 9-2 , I’ll bring the dessert! Here are the numbers for the end of 2017, we budget for 200 quilts a year and Jan-Dec we gave out 257 quilts. We logged 2528 hours. I logged 1036 miles in delivering quilts. Phew!! So give yourselves a hand, I could […]

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