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President’s December Message

This month we are going to look at what the Pin-Pals are about. In December we meet on the 18th 9-3 at the Butterworth Educational Center (garage) We will be meeting the 4th Tuesday of each month starting January 2019. Winter is setting in, which means less getting out to be around friends. It is important that we keep in touch and get out among people when roads are good. We stay happier when we are able to do that. […]

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President’s November Message

by Diana Engelbrecht Over the next year I am going to introduce you to each of our guild groups that meet. There are a lot of new members and it is my hope to help demystify some of the announcements. Get Away is open to all members. We meet at the Deere Wiman Carriage House for one Friday, 8 am-9 pm, Saturday 8 am-9 pm and Sunday noon-5 pm each month. Usually it is the first full weekend of the […]

New President’s Message

By Diana Engelbrecht The Great River Quilt Show was a success because of each of you. Thank you, Dawn Thompson for your leadership in the planning and executing both the 2016 and 2018 Great River Quilt Shows. Thank you to the Quilt Show Committee who worked very hard this past year to make things happen smoothly. Thank you to The Appli-Queens for designing and creating the fabulous raffle quilt. Thank you to Cindy Ericksen and Candidates Nancy and Melissa for […]

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Presidents September Message

My last President’s message! Thank you for a wonderful two years. Despite my initial trepidation, I have enjoyed myself immensely. You are a wonderful group of people!! As my final act as President, I have taken it upon myself to re-number the newsletters. It occurred to me the other day (middle of the night, of course), that the Guild has been in existence for 35 years, yet we are at issue 44??? of the newsletter. Clearly we have gotten off […]

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President’s August 2018 Message

It takes a village to raise a child and it takes a Guild to run a Quilt Show! The sign up sheets will be available at the August meetings. Please sign up for as many assignments as your schedule will handle! Lots of workers mean short shifts for everyone. It’s lots of fun participating in this event and so every important to our Guild! The Great River Quilt Show is one of the largest and best in the state. Our […]

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President’s Message for July 2018

The July newsletter is being mailed to all members because there is so much going on, and we don’t want you to miss out on anything! You will find the 2018-19 membership application and quilt show registration forms in this issue. The newsletter will also be available on line so that you can print off copies of the quilt show registration form or membership application if you misplace your paper copy. You must be a member of the Guild in […]

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Presidents May Message

35 Years in the Making On May 25, 1983, fifty very creative individuals got together and decided to create a Guild—a group of people who would get together to create beautiful quilts and help out the Quad Cities communities at the same time. On July 7, 1983, the Mississippi Valley Quilters Guild was officially organized in the state of Iowa. While the Guild has evolved since its formation, with new ways to make quilts, more machine quilters now than hand quilters and opportunities to connect via the internet, many things also remain the same. Guild members […]

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