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Historical Interest & New Books for the Library

The library will have four wonderful books to add. American Patchwork Quilt: This book has the quilts in the Spencer Museum in Lawrence, Kansas. It contains pictures of some of the most wonderful quilts every made! One of my favorites is the Orchid Wreath quilt made by Rose Frances Good Kretsinger. As an extra the text is also in Japanese. World War I quilts and World War II Quilts by Sue Reich who is one of the best quilt historians […]

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Library Book Winners

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A big “Thank you” to Wendy Canada and her helpers from the library in supporting the “Read History Book” activity! The following winners received quilt history books. (Gee, imagine that!) Hey & maybe after they have read them, donate to the guild library. Beverly Kuhljuergen: “Time Span Quilts: New Quilts From Old Tops” by Becky Herdle Annie Collett: “Crazy Quilts” by Penny McMorris Karen Narske (I think Karen has won every contest except for Drawing Paisley): “American Quilt Collections: Antique […]

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