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Doll Quilts

Thanks for meeting the need of the Head Start and qualifying day care centers, over 800 doll quilts were delivered in December. In February I will deliver nearly 30 ‘cot covers’ for one program who needs those for a few tots who stay later, for naps. They do not receive the doll quilts. Those are longer and narrower, to fit their rules, 22″ x 40, 22″ x 52″, just 2 layers, ‘pillowcase and turn’ stitch edges securely. And some cross […]


February 2020 President’s Message

Besides arranging exhibits, the Community Education Committee also finds venues that we can demonstrate quilting techniques to the public. This is a fun way to connect to the community. We have had demonstrations at the Figge Art Museum, libraries, Freighthouse Farmers Market, The Great River Quilt Show, Mississippi Valley Fair, and others. Doing demonstrations for the public, is a way to Let them know quilting is not a lost art. Teach someone a little technique that lets them know it […]

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UFO Challenge 2020

Due to popular demand, we are starting a new UFO Challenge!!! 1. Download the UFO Form by CLICKING HERE. Forms can be downloaded and printed from the website and will also be available at the sign-in table at the Feb. meetings. Fill out both halves of the form, listing 5 UFOs. Please include your individual goal for each project. Note: This does NOT necessarily mean completed, quilted, and bound, only whatever YOU want to achieve for each individual UFO. 2. […]


Quilts of Valor

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We have started off with a bang so far. Everyone is ready to get our vets covered. We have 97 on our May list and 90 on our November list. We have several requests from QOVF that need to be filled. So the names just keep coming. We however, are so proud to cover all of them. February at MVQG is a sew day for charity. It is our turn. This is a large block and only needs 12 blocks […]

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Doohickey Drawing

An Americanism dating from 1910-1915, a doohickey is a gadget; a dingus; a thingumabob; a nifty quilting tool that a quilter may want, has never heard of, or is too expensive to purchase. Each month a new Doohickey is offered to our membership. It may be a new “cool” tool or it may be something tried and true; expensive or not so much. Tickets are $1.00 and monthly prizes are determined by the number of tickets sold the previous month. […]

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Special Exhibit: The Village

Similar to the River, The Village will depict houses and buildings typically seen in a village. Purchase your background fabric at a Guild Meeting to participate in this exhibit. Size restrictions are included with the background fabric. These are due July 6, at the General meeting. Questions Diana Englebrecht, (563) 370-4239

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2020 Programs and Classes

January Program-UFO Challenge 2019 Congratulations to all participants who salvaged neglected projects and brought them back to life with beautiful results! Winners of the drawing ($30) for completing their 3 UFOs were: Jane Darin, Kathee Secor, Faye Kunz, Dawn Thompson and Linda Klyman. Maureen Conrad was awarded the Over-Achiever Award, (a gift certificate for a David Taylor workshop or workshop of her choice) for completing all 5 UFOs on her list! February 4th Program Quilts of Valor Sew Day Bring […]

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Block To Raffle

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Squares “happy baskets “ are due at February meeting.  If you are unable to be at the meeting let me know & will make arrangements to get them from you or you can put them in the mail.  I’m willing to meet you.  The more squares, more winners. The winners will receive squares at March meeting. Thanks, Vicki Hamilton (309) 798-3584

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National Quilting Month Display at the Figge Museum.

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CLICK HERE TO ACCESS REGISTRATION FORM! DUE FEBRUARY 4TH! Transformative Fiber Arts (Figge Quilt Show, March 2020) March 9-16, 2020, at the Figge Art Museum, we will again have the opportunity to display our beautiful art work in celebration of national Quilt Month. Please consider submitting one or more of your favorites for review by the committee. To assure a variety within the space limitations, the committee will review the submissions and make selections so start planning! PHOTOS FROM 2019 […]

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Monthly Meeting Minutes

CLICK HERE to access the latest monthly meeting minutes. November 5th minutes December 10th minutes January 7th minutes

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