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Raffle Basket Help Needed

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We have received many great donations from local businesses thanks to Jan Carpenter. Now we can use your help. We need items to put into theme baskets to go with the donated items. We has tickets to Sesame Street Live and could use items to make a children’s basket. We have several hvac system check ups, car tune ups, bike tune up, and need items to make theme baskets . We need items to put with 2 Keurig coffee makers, […]

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Block To Raffle

The winner of the Beehive blocks were: 12 blocks- Jan Carpenter, Kathy Young, Pam King, Kimberley Barton, Kristi Comes. The nine block winner was Marlene Heist The new block for sale in August will be a block from Moda’s Be My Neighbor BOM. We will make a block of 6 houses. The background is included in the kit which will sell for $1.00. Completed blocked will need to be returned by the December afternoon meeting. Dawn Seaman    

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September Reveal of the Sunflower Challenge

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    The September reveal of the Sunflower Challenge draws near! Thirty quilters have signed up so far, and it’s not too late! The fee is only $1 per entry. The rules are simple….your entry must lie or hang flat, (some dimension is A-0k), and the total circumference is not to exceed 144”. Use a pattern or design your own….use techniques and fabric types as your creativity dictates. Some questions have arisen concerning challenge entries in the upcoming show. You […]

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Small Quilt Auction Items Needed

Time is getting short to consider a donation of one or more items to the “Small Quilt and Related Items” Committee for the September Quilt Show. Proceeds from our 2018 auction will go to Winnie’s Place (sheltering abused women and their children on both sides of the river), Quilts of Valor, and the MVQG “Quillows” Committee. Justin Klindt will be our volunteer auctioneer this year and times have been set for 2:00 PM on Friday, the 21st and 1:00 PM […]

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Quilt Registration

The online quilt registration process is new (and simpler) this year. To clarify and, hopefully, answer some questions, this article takes you through the steps of registering your entry for the Quilt Show. You should all have received an email with the Mississippi Valley Quilters Guild header and the subject line would have said “official registration form 2018”. The email was sent out July 2. If you didn’t get one, you should do one of two things: (1) check your […]

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Request to Feed the Masses

Guild members: Wednesday September 19th and Thursday, September 20th Volunteers will be setting up for our bi-annual Quilt show in the Expo Building at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds. We will be in need of donations of luncheon foods and snacks to feed these hard working volunteers. Donuts, coffee cake, fruit, vegetables, luncheon meat, cheese, bread, crackers, chips, dip, etc. would be appreciated! If you are not using a disposable dish, please clearly put your name on the dish. The Guild […]

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August Doohickey Drawing

An Americanism dating from 1910-1915, a doohickey is a gadget; a dingus; a thingumabob; a nifty quilting tool that a quilter may want, has never heard of, or is too expensive to purchase. Each month a new Doohickey is offered to our membership. It may be a new “cool” tool or it may be something tried and true; expensive or not so much. Tickets are $1.00 and monthly prizes are determined by the number of tickets sold the previous month. […]

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President’s August 2018 Message

It takes a village to raise a child and it takes a Guild to run a Quilt Show! The sign up sheets will be available at the August meetings. Please sign up for as many assignments as your schedule will handle! Lots of workers mean short shifts for everyone. It’s lots of fun participating in this event and so every important to our Guild! The Great River Quilt Show is one of the largest and best in the state. Our […]

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Fall Retreat Time

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Click Here for the 2018 Fall Retreat Registration Form. Are you busy, busy, busy getting ready for the Quilt Show? Sewing and volunteering and sewing! By October 24 you will need a break, some real R & R. Come to the MVQG fall retreat. You can do anything you want, sleep in, stay up all night, go on road trips with your friends, work on your own projects, read books, walk the beautiful campgrounds. It will be October 24-28 at […]

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Quilt Pick-up Saturday, September 22, 2018

All members who are submitting quilts for display during the show will need to pick up a number and sign up for order of disbursement. I will be at a table near the entrance of the building from 2:00pm-3:00pm on Saturday September 22. Quilt pick-up will begin at 4:30pm and end at 6:00.  Please bring your registration and number. If someone other than yourself is picking up your quilt they must have the two items. We will work very hard […]

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