August Program – Letter from Lisa Binkley

At the beginning of August, our Guild hosted Lisa Binkley, a nationally acclaimed beading artist from Madison, Wisconsin.

Reflecting on her time in the Quad Cities, Lisa paid high compliments to our Guild saying: “I remember someone mentioning to me while I was with your guild that another teacher had described your guild as among her ‘three favorites.’ I completely agree. I’ve had the opportunity to teach for quite a few guilds over the past 11 years, and it’s always interesting to see the differences in how they’re structured, what they emphasize, and other variations. One of the things that struck me right away about your guild was the willingness of board members and others to jump right in and help where help was needed. From volunteers being up in the front to help display Show-and-Tell quilts, to board members who clearly enjoy their roles and have dedicated time, energy, and creativity to their participation in the guild, to the groups who prepared delicious lunches for us each day, to the thoughtful restaurant selection for a meal between meetings and wonderful potluck dinner. I could go on and on. The accommodations were comfortable and pleasant, and I particularly enjoyed staying by the river where I went walking each morning before class. I loved getting to see so much of the Quad Cities area and learning a bit about the history and current residents of the region. I truly enjoyed my time with your Guild. Thank you!”



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