August President’s Message

You might ask, “What’s the big deal?”, when Margaret Paulos talks about Doll Quilts at the meetings. It is a big deal for the 700-1000 Quad Cities Head Start, title program and special needs children who receive their 24″ square creations in December. It might be the one colorful thing they can call their own. Lydia Hoelle designed the color wheel Doll Quilt and makes one for each class room. One little boy claimed his classroom’s color wheel as his own. He would not trade for another and faithfully took it home and brought it back every day!

Margaret has seen teachers who have thoughtfully chosen the child to go with each quilt and helped that child see something special in it…design, color, pictures, counting….to help each child feel like the special little person they are. Some of us feel like we can’t make something good enough to give away. Each quilt is personal. It doesn’t need to be perfect. If we are looking for perfection, we will never reach that goal. But making a child’s day with something that can spark some creativity, giving them something of their own to be responsible for, and letting them know others care about them, is a perfection that cannot be compared. True perfection.

Going to one of the charity groups, like Doll Quilts, is a great way of learning the basics. You can work on the different aspects of quilting from sorting, planning, cutting, ironing, sewing, to quilting. Since Doll Quilts are small, they are easy to finish in a short period of time. If unable to go to any of the groups, you can always make them at home and bring them to meetings to hand in. If you are only a piecer, just do the top and someone who loves sandwiching and quilting will take it from there. If you love sandwiching or quilting, those are available for you too. Margaret is hoping for more participation in getting Doll Quilts done by the November meeting so the need can be met. Remember: It is for the children.

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