April President’s Message

The Program committee does a fabulous job in getting everything and everyone organized for our general meetings.

They have the responsibility of finding a variety of speakers to come to our meetings to give lectures and classes. Those speakers have a national and many times an international reputation for their techniques, lectures and classes. When one comes here we have 1-3 classes offered. The committee chooses what they think will hold the most interest for our membership from the list of classes the speaker offers.

Two members attend the Eastern Iowa Network once a year and Ragan Trail Network meetings twice a year. These are two groups where guilds get together to share information with each other. We find interesting ideas to incorporate into some of our programming. The sharing of information is very valuable for our guild as well as the others attending.

The committee also finds local and regional speakers. The network meetings are helpful for that. We have three national speakers, two potlucks, a charity sew, and one joint meeting each year. The rest of the meetings are filled with local and some regional speakers. We have been blessed to have good ones near us.

A few years ago, the committee started serving lunches at the classes for a suggested donation of $5. Those proceeds are reimbursement to those who bought the groceries for the meal, paper products for serving, and the water provided. The lunches were started to cut down on the missed time during class, when people who forgot their lunch would have to leave to get one. This way there is a half hour lunch break and everyone gets the full time the teacher is there for.

If there is someone you really want the Program committee to bring in, please let them know. It always depends on their schedule merging with ours whether it will work or not. But the committee always tries.
If you would like to be on the committee or help in any area please contact Mary Korrect 563-940-8565.


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