2019 Programs and Classes

August 6: MVQG member, Diane Murtha will present “Accept the Challenge, Win a Prize” – an informative and humorous perspective on my quilt challenge experiences, including a trunk and slide show, at the afternoon meeting, and  “Challenges II– The Next Step” at the evening meeting, a presentation in which she will discuss tips based on her own challenge quilt project experiences.

Challenges – Accept the Challenge & Win a Prize

Diane’s afternoon presentation will be an informative and humorous perspective on her quilt challenge experiences, including a trunk and slide show. Diane will discuss what she’s learned from the various challenges, other ways she’s discovered to challenge herself and her sources of inspiration.  And most importantly, Diane will talk about how challenges can expand quilting skills and inspire all quilting!

Challenges II– The Next Step

In her evening presentation, Diane will discuss her challenge quilt project experiences.  She’ll also talk about what we can expect if we choose to participate in professional or invitational quilt challenges, tips and tricks to improve our success, and advice from challenge organizers.

Plan ahead for a new-fangled UFO Challenge Culminating with Prizes Awarded in January 2020:  Your Program Committee will launched a fun format to work away at your UFOs at the June Guild meeting!  We have adapted the American Patchwork and Quilting 2019 UFO CHALLENGE to help motivate us and push us to complete projects that have been languishing much too long, or any project that we’ve been aching to begin or get back to. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION!

September 3: Wine & Chocolate Guild Challenge and officer installation.

October 1: Plan to attend the trunk shows presented by our national speaker, Linda Halpin (“Borders on Parade” and “1 x 1: Quilts Using 1 x 1 Half Square Triangles”). Linda will teach two classes as well.

 10/2: Prairie Lilies: Applique combines with piecing in this one day workshop. Joyous colors combine to create Prairie Lilies, constructed in my two-for-one technique. Piecing in this method creates cutaways that are ready to go into a bonus quilt, so you are actually making two quilts at the same time. Make use of every bit of fabric. It is such fun! Students start with how to choose and combine fabrics for a quilt, giving valuable fabric selection skills that can apply to your future quilt-making. This is followed with Halpin’s two-for-one piecing method, then adorn with applique, utilizing a very nifty stem technique. In addition to the Prairie Lilies quilt, students will also be making a bonus quilt out of the cutaways.

10/3: Mexican Cross: Cheery colors pop in this fun version of Mexican Cross. Not only is it a great pattern for using up lots of different fabrics in one quilt, but the construction technique cleverly creates a bonus quilt out of the cutaways. This complex looking pattern is a snap when you make it with my shortcut techniques.

Sign-up for Linda’s classes will be available in the “L” at the August meeting or contact Karla Miley (309-738-5227, karlamiley@hotmail.com)

Mexican Cross
Prairie Lilies-October 2nd

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