2019 Programs and Classes

June 4:  Idaho quilter, Sandy Turner, is a National Quilt Association Certified Teacher who was selected as the NQA Certified Teacher of the year in 2004.  Her quilting niche is combining pictorial fabrics – for example, large prints, landscape prints, or floral prints – with traditional quilt patterns.

Sandy will teach two different classes prior to our Guild meeting that will assist us in learning unique ways to incorporate big prints into our quilt projects. Space is still available in Sandy’s classes. Call Karla (309-738-5227) or e-mail her (karlamiley@hotmail.com) to sign-up.  

Sunday, June 2: Birds in the Air (Click here for the supply list.)

Monday, June 3: Attic Windows (Click here for the supply list.)

The registration fee for each class is $35. The cost of the template for Attic Windows is $35; however, Sandy indicates she will also bring templates that you can borrow to use during the class. Both classes will be held at the Kaaba Shriners Building –  511 Veterans Memorial Parkway in Davenport. Lunch will be available on site for $5.

July:  Guild members will be entertained by a musical program presented by the 4Cs – Colleen Curry and Chris Clark at our annual Summer Pot-Luck.  Bring a dish of your choice to share – luncheon items to the afternoon pot-luck or appetizers and desserts to the evening meeting.

August: MVQG member, Diane Murtha will present, “Accept the Challenge, Win a Prize: A Perspective on Quilt Challenges.”

Plan ahead for a new-fangled UFO Challenge Culminating with Prizes Awarded in January 2020:  Your Program Committee will launch a fun format to work away at your UFOs at the June Guild meeting!  We have adapted the American Patchwork and Quilting 2019 UFO CHALLENGE to help motivate us and push us to complete projects that have been languishing much too long, or any project that we’ve been aching to begin or get back to.

  1. Pick up a UFO sign-up sheet at the June meeting.
    • Identify 5 projects you want to finish by the January 2020 meeting.  You can choose from any of your UFOs – a kit you’ve bought but never opened, fabric you’ve held on to (for too long, a binding you just haven’t taken time to hand stitch, etc. – a quilt, wall-hanging, bag, garment, placemats…any “quilty” project.
    • Describe the current status of each project on the signup sheet.
    • Turn in your sign-up sheet at the July meeting along with the $5 entry fee to Sandie Cockerill.
  2. We will randomly draw a number (1-5) at the July, September and November meetings to determine which project you will work on for 2 months.
  3. If you complete the project in that 2-month period (finished, quilted, bound, done), your name will go into a pool for a prize.  Prizes will be awarded at the January meeting where the program will be the reveal of your finished UFOs!!
  4. Get ready to join the fun in June.  By January 2020, you will have completed 3 projects, the results and their stories will entertain us at the meeting, and you may win a prize!  WIN-WIN!!

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