2020 Programs and Classes

Christa Watson and David Taylor Events Sadly, if you read the Eblast email earlier in May, you already know that our David Taylor event scheduled for late May workshops/June meeting, have been cancelled. We are hoping to establish new dates once he is able to begin rescheduling. In the days since the Eblast went out, the possibility that Christa Watson might be able to join us in August has also become unfeasible. There are too many unknowns, from State mandated group size restrictions, facilities policies, and uncertainty and fear of personal interaction and risk of exposure among participants. We hope to re-book Christa for a future visit, as well. At this time, we would be looking at late 2022 or Spring 2023 for potential rescheduling.

If you signed up for workshops with David or Christa you have 4 options concerning your fees. Request a total refund. You will be mailed a check from MVQG. Transfer your class fee into an MVQG Gift Certificate(s) to be applied to a future class. Roll your class fee over to pay your $35 due for the coming year. Or…a combination of the above, since several of you have paid for multiple classes.

PLEASE email MJKorrect@hotmail.com with your choice of options, a.s.a.p. Mary will provide lists for Diane Murtha, Treasurer, who will send you a check by mail and for Deb Schladt, Membership, who will keep track when dues are due. (You WILL need to fill out a membership form.) Mary will mail gift certificates to those who choose that option. I have heard from many of you concerning D. Taylor’s class fee refunds. Thank you. It’s been a crazy, challenging time for all of us as we try to understand and adjust to this continually moving target. We appreciate your understanding and patience.

July Program – July 7, 2020 Plans are in the works to try to hold July meetings in Iowa. We will have Brown Bag Picnics in a park, in lieu of our Summer Potlucks. More info will be forthcoming as details are worked out. This will be a bring your own lunch, beverage and lawn chair event and we will follow the 6-foot distancing guidelines and any other guidelines that may be in place by then. Stay tuned for more info.

August Program – August 4-5, 2020 Jill Fisher is an improvisational quilter from Iowa City, IA. Jill has one foot in the art quilt world and one foot in the modern quilt world. Her specialty is working in series with solids and telling stories with her quilts. Jill will present her lecture and trunk show, “Every Quilt Tells a Story” at both meetings. Check out Jill’s work at pieladyquilts.blogspot.com. Watch for updates via E-Blast.


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