2018 Sunflowers Quilt Challenge

July is almost here and the September reveal of the Sunflower Challenge draws near! Thirty quilters have signed up so far, and it’s not too late! I will be at the July meeting, so see me to join in. The fee is only $1 per entry. The rules are simple….your entry must lie or hang flat, (some dimension is A-0k), and the total circumference is not to exceed 144”. Use a pattern or design your own….use techniques and fabric types as your creativity dictates.

Some questions have arisen concerning challenge entries in the upcoming show. You may enter your challenge projects in the Challenge Quilt Category 2200, (judged or unjudged) or in the appropriate Wall Hanging category, if you feel it could compete and fits the category description…or even in the Found and Finished category, if it’s a fit. Consider the level of competition, and where your competitive spirit leads you. If you enter your Sunflower project in a category other than the Other Challenge Quilt category, (2200), it won’t hang with its ‘friends’ but with the quilts in that category. I hope this bit of info helps! Sign up and have FUN!

Mary Korrect



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